Getting Started

How to install

Using inline script

curl -sL | sh

Using wget

export KAIGARA_VERSION=v0.0.4
wget --quiet$KAIGARA_VERSION/kaigara-linux-amd64-$KAIGARA_VERSION.tar.gz

Using go

go get -v -u

Create an Application tree

mkdir -p work/application/myapp
cd work/application/myapp
mkdir resources operations
touch defaults.yml
vim Dockerfile

Edit your Dockerfile

Paste the following line in your dockerfile as root user

## <[ Kaigara
RUN curl -sL | sh

COPY operations   /opt/kaigara/operations
COPY resources    /etc/kaigara/resources
COPY defaults.yml /etc/kaigara/defaults.yml

ENTRYPOINT ["kaigara"]
CMD ["start", ""]
## Kaigara ]>

You can build your container :

docker build -t company/myapp:0.0.1 --rm .

Run inside a container

Kaigara should be the default entrypoint you can access any command using CMD

# Display help
docker run -it --rm company/myapp help

# Run all operations
docker run -it --rm company/myapp provision

# Render a template from resources on stdout
docker run -it --rm company/myapp render config.conf

# Execute bash or any unix program
docker run -it --rm company/myapp exec bash

# Display installed kaigara version
docker run -it --rm company/myapp version


Kaigara is a lightweight provisioning system for unix

By embeding operations and resources into your application containers
kaigara will run all your provisioning scripts before starting the app.

  kaigara [command]

Available Commands:
  exec        Execute an executable in a child process
  provision   Provisioning using operations
  render      Generate a file on STDOUT from a TEMPLATE
  start       Runs a <PROGRAM> after provision
  version     Return kaigara version

Use "kaigara [command] --help" for more information about a command.